Integrative & Concierge Nutrition

Integrative & Concierge Nutrition

Integrative Nutrition Standard of Care includes:

  • 1 90 minute initial consult
  • All follow up consultations prorated at $100/hr, every 4-8 weeks on your personal schedule.
  • Guaranteed 48-72 hour response time to emails.
  • A General Summary after every consultation reviewing what was discussed in your consultation and all associated recommendations.

Unique to Concierge Nutrition:

  • Initial Consult up to 120 minutes
  • Set 6-week price including 165 minutes of consult time (Over 25% Discount)
  • Guaranteed 24 hours response time to emails.
  • Your Personal Review and Physician Ready Summary.
  • Access to between consult phone calls, available within 24 hours of request.

You will always receives my full level of detail and thoroughness in every interaction.