“I have traveled as far as Vancouver, Hawaii and even Hong Kong to work with Shamanic healers and have never had the energy cleansing results I experienced working with Joshua. He is a true healer and was able to completely remove all energetic obstacles that were clouding my ability to make an important life decision. Within two days after my first session, I was able to very clearly articulate my intent with precise and life honoring language. I am very grateful to Joshua for helping me in this process.”

— J.A.


“My very great thanks to Joshua for his healing work.  I was feeling quite tense and very low on energy when I sought his help.  Through his empathy and knowledge I experienced a lifting of the tension and a long-lasting energy strengthening.”

      — C.F


“The energy session with Joshua was an amazing experience. He drew out intense feelings but I always felt safe and the situation felt natural. His intuition was in harmony with the shifts that needed to take place and when. I left the session feeling supported and blissful. He truly held a space for me to take the necessary journey at the time. Overall, the resulting relaxation was like that of deep meditation, yoga, and massage all in one.”

—Kelly K.


“My time with Joshua was like nothing I had ever experienced. I had been treated by reiki masters in the past, as well as other hands-free energy work and saw definite results; however, they weren’t remotely as comprehensive as those following my session with Joshua! He was the first Shaman I saw, and like popular culture suggests with their traditional ‘magic,’ completely captured my energy and attention.

Joshua’s approach to treating his patients starts with seeking a deeper understanding of one’s life circumstances. By learning about the root causes of his clients’ situations, he is able to provide a fantastic, individualized experience that offers ‘just what is needed’. From a major shoulder pain that was relieved after just one session to comprehensive energetic and emotional rebalancing, Joshua enabled me to have a new perspective on what seemed like a stuck, sad situation. I left our session feeling like my issues were peeled away, and found myself a week later with a new lease on my own physiology and life.

Joshua is fantastic, and I recommend him to anyone who is looking for that special ‘just what the Shaman ordered’ something. His care for others and skill with his craft are abundant in each moment, both during and outside of treatment. Needless to say, I’m thrilled for our next session together!”



“Joshua has gentle, yet incredible way of digging at the root of your issue & working with it towards your healing. The results is a divine feeling of transformation, relaxation, and feeling light. I’ve done his healing work twice & I look forward to doing more. I highly recommend his energy healing work for those who need help in any type of spiritual, psychological, psycho-social, physical, traumatic imbalances, including the need for renewal, clarity, and direction. Joshua will deliver.”

– J. F.