Home & Land Clearing

Home & Land Clearing

As we interact with our environment, we are consistently sending and receiving information. Just as we hold memories and feelings, all of nature has its own unique memory;  stored in the Earth as well as in the physical structures we have built from the Earth.

Whenever we explore new places it is common to talk about how that place felt to us in the form of phrases such as “I did / did not like the atmosphere there” or “That place made me feel…”  Such understandings are so common society accepts these conversations even if the story is being told by a person who was alone during their experience.

In an analogous way to the clearing of our own energy field, healers throughout cultures have practiced certain techniques to help clear physical spaces and bring the land into balance. Through bringing the land and physical spaces back into right relation, the individual, family, or employees experience healing as they are no longer being informed by the old, heavy energy of that location. Oftentimes, they start feeling better about the physical place they are in.  Many times the physical landscape itself may shift towards growth and abundance.

Land and house clearings are unique and the time it takes depends upon the location; usually varying from a few hours to a few days for large locations like office buildings, hospitals, etc. 

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