Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine


What follows below is intended to help bring clarity to the concept of energy work and spiritual arts.

Should you wish to work one-on-one for energy medicine, please contact Elena Amato.

There are and have been for 1000’s of years people working with the Light; from the Masters we have all heard of to the lesser known ones who remained working diligently behind the scenes – all on behalf of and in service to humanity.

While we may talk about Spirituality through our own lens, one common and fundamental theme is the act of aligning Oneself with their Higher Self or Soul.  This is the same thing as aligning with your Pure Heart.  The role of any Healer then is to simply facilitate and deepen this already present connection in the individual requesting assistance.   

When we consciously align ourselves with greater expressions of life and joy as our natural state, we create healing both physically and emotionally.  This process is abundantly simply and yet deeply layered.

Through the transfiguring power of the Light, you can peel back your layers and experience a new way of healing for yourself; at your own pace, in your own time.


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