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Nutrition FAQ – Balanced Bodies Balanced Minds
Nutrition FAQ

Nutrition FAQ

How many consults do I need to see results?


Most people do not require more than 3-5 consults in total to accomplish their goals.   This ranges from symptom minimization to remission from diagnoses ranging from IBS to Metabolic Syndrome as well as various autoimmune conditions.

What do you specialize in?


1.) SIBO & IBS

2.) Autoimmune Conditions.

3.) ADD/ADHD / Autism Spectrum Disorders

What is Food as Medicine?

Food As Medicine is the practice of using certain foods and herbs in specific quantities and specific times of day to facilitate the healing process.  I use a Food As Medicine first approach complimented by targeted herbal and nutraceutical therapies alongside lab testing to promote whole person healing.

What does the initial consultation cover?

I ask that everyone fill out my Intake Form and return this to alongside any labs from the past 6 months at least 48 hours prior the consultation.

At the start of every consultation I offer the opportunity for you to voice your questions, concerns, and goals for the consultation.  Once I understand where you want to go, we will spend the first 30-45 minutes going into a detailed discussion on your history and current symptoms as well as lifestyle if appropriate.

Once I have the information necessary, I will take 5-10 minutes to reflect and synthesize.  During this time you are invited to relax, take a bathroom break, or meditate.  While you may check your phone or answer emails I ask that you make a point to not get too distracted.  This time affords me the opportunity to make a thorough and honest appraisal of your path forward.

From here we will resume our conversation and I will outline your path forward as well as detail the recommendations.  These recommendations will include dietary changes and may include herbal or nutraceutical therapy, lifestyle modifications, and/or lab testing.

Throughout the consultation all questions are welcomed and answered.