Nutrition Education Lectures

Nutrition Education Lectures

Lectures and Events

Joshua has given lectures at multiple venues including:

  • Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab
  • Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute
  • Maryland University of Integrative Health
  • Howard County Public School System
  • ECO City Farms

His next talk, Nutrition is Key to Fitness, will be at the Roger Carter Community Center in Columbia, MD on Wednesday, January 17 from 6:30 – 8:00 pm.  Register by clicking Here.

His primary initial talks are:

The Paleo–Vegan Spectrum

From the paleolithic to the raw foods diets, there are currently over 60 popular diets and 70,000 diet books written to date.  In this talk we address the commonalities and contradictions, creating clear and actionable understandings around food.  Common topics include dairy, gluten and grains, how to eat your fruits and vegetables, organic / non-organic, the skinny on meat, and tapping into your innate body wisdom.


Physics, Nutrition, and Energetic Healing: Building the New Paradigm 

Using easy to understand concepts from cutting edge physics, nutrition is addressed as a way to enhance consciousness and promote mental/emotion healing.  Practical energy healing techniques are taught to promote and sustain this process.  


Q&A Forum

Frequently the dietary and lifestyle questions of each person and group are different.  This talk lets the audience decide what they want to learn about.  Audience members are asked to submit their questions ahead of time with the general format allowing for follow up questions after each initial query is answered.


You can Contact Me to schedule a talk or to create a specialized lecture to fit your audience.



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