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My Journey With Crohn’s – Balanced Bodies Balanced Minds
My Journey With Crohn’s

My Journey With Crohn’s

What does it mean that one day you can feel normal, the next day feel sick, and in the days after be told you have an incurable disease?  Even when I was studying Physics, this concept did not compute for me.  Science knows that the physical body is remade nearly completely over the course of a year and has proven clearly that we can influence our genetic expression.  It appeared incongruent to me with such an understanding that a disease state, even a severe one, could not hold the potentiality to be transformed back into health and wellness over time.

I define being healed as being free of signs and symptoms without the need for any western medication, strict diet, or supplements to maintain this state.  This is where I am today and have been since 2011; now nearly 9 years after my diagnosis.  I make no claims that anything herein will work for you.  If there is one thing I have found it is that every path to remission or healing is unique.

This is my story:

My Journey With Crohn’s


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