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Joint Sessions – Balanced Bodies Balanced Minds
Joint Sessions

Joint Sessions

twin flamesJoint Sessions

“One Secures the Gold of Spirit When One Finds Oneself.”

Elena and I are honored to work as a Sacred Couple to offer the alchemy of the feminine and masculine healing energies brought together for your personal healing process.  In this unique session, you will have the opportunity to have both of us working on your energetic body simultaneously.

In each session Elena brings through the Divine Mother and works with the Ascended Masters and Accompaniment of Heaven; channeling their healing energies and intuitive guidance.   Joshua works with the Earth; bringing in her healing energy while facilitating the removal heavy energy from the physical and energetic body.  Throughout the session both Joshua and Elena may perform Cord Cutting, Past Life Healing, Shamanic Journeying, Extractions, Energy/Chakra Balancing, Reiki, and/or Lineage Healing among other more specific techniques.  You can learn more about these techniques and more on my FAQ page.

The purpose of an Alchemy Session is to facilitate deeper healing for both individuals and couples, providing a safe space for anchoring, activating, and actualizing internal and external harmony.

Request a Joint Session by Contacting Elena @ UmaSarasvati

Investment: $222/session

Duration: 1.5 – 2 Hours

Open to Individual’s and Couples


The Sacred Couple

The Sacred Couple is a pair of individual’s who have consciously decided to engage in sacred work together; traditionally some form of energy healing.  For Elena and I work together as healers, we have both undertaken the initiations into each others lineages. 

The Sacred Couple, from a shamanic perspective, works towards the harmonizing and merger of the individual energy bodies to manifest the Union of Love whereby our personal life becomes an act of Love to serve the divine through each other.

Ultimately our purpose as a Sacred Couple is to provide healing for all those who ask; working to bring balance to the societal interplay of the masculine and feminine on Earth.


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