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Energy Medicine Sessions – Balanced Bodies Balanced Minds
Energy Medicine Sessions

Energy Medicine Sessions

Alex_GrayMeditationEnergy Medicine is where you have the opportunity to address both mental/emotional as well as physical challenges to allow you to come in to a deeper alignment with yourself and your personal Truth.  Much like the way that a blueprint governs the resulting architecture, so too your soul contains the blueprint for how you express in world physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  By shifting the your personal blue print / soul into greater balance you create the changes you are seeking in life.

Some of the techniques included in my Energy Medicine practice are Energy/Chakra Balancing, Cord Cutting, Extractions, Contract Revocations, Soul Retrieval, Destiny Retrieval, Past Life Healing, and Lineage Healing.  You can learn about these techniques and more on my FAQ page.

Throughout the techniques and energies which may be used, I am a vessel creating and holding space for a clear interaction and healing to occur between you and Spirit.  Healing is itself ultimately the removal of heavy energy in all of its various forms from your physical and energetic bodies while reconnecting and anchoring you more firmly to your own essence and source; enabling healing to occur.


Energy Medicine openings vary.  If you wish to have a session, you can submit your name and you will be notified of my earliest opening:

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$111 / 60 minutes

$155 / 90 minutes


As part of my calling to help bring healing to the collective masculine I work with men of all ages.  My wife, Elena, guides the healing of the feminine through working with women of all ages.  We answer our calling to bring healing energy to all who ask through working as a sacred couple.   We also offer individual and joint healing sessions for our animal friends.  


Why Does Heavy Energy Show Up?


Earth is a school.  At this point in human evolution, the purpose of this school is to incarnate in and transmute our heavy energy into light.  This density in turn feeds Mother Earth and allows her to flourish and create beautiful new growth just as soil, with water and light, becomes a flower.  It is in fact easier to transmute such heavy energy through a physical body than it is in the other realms.  As we evolve, the purpose of this school will change and so too will the role of the shaman or healer.  Indeed many new souls are coming in with far less density to be worked through to help facilitate this exact process.

For now, heavy energy shows up as lessons from your own soul’s self love to give you the opportunity to remember yourself as love and anchor to that way of being.  It is no more a problem than a thunderstorm – perhaps inconvenient or scary to some – ultimately clearing the way to allow for new growth and life.



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