Energy Medicine Videos

Energy Medicine Videos

The Physics and Shamanism series:

Part I: To paraphrase Einstein, Science without spirituality is lame, spirituality without science in blind. It is only when the large (General Relativity) and the small (Quantum Mechanics / Field Theory) come together that a full bridge between two different ways of perceiving the world is created.  In this talk, that bridge between new cutting edge physics and indigenous shamanic knowledge is created.

Physics and Shamanism: Part I

Part II:  A new explanatory framework for how exactly energy healing occurs within the current theories set forth by physics is explored.  Equally important to the complimentary nature of physics and shamanism is that we ALL be able to interact with this unseen world. Here we go a few layers deeper into how the information from the luminous energy field gets interpreted by our brain and subsequently our body remembering that the efficiency of our user interface (brain) largely depends on the food we eat and the lifestyle we pursue.

Physics and Shamanism: Part II

Part III: Rather than a video, I have found this conclusion to serve better as a Blog Post which can be read Here.

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