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Ceremonies – Balanced Bodies Balanced Minds


Fire Ceremony

Fire, in the shamanic practices, is a method whereby we transmute our prayers directly into light: the language of Spirit. The fire is a place where our left, linear brains, can more easily step aside and allow us to work with our right, creative and non-linear brain.

A fire ceremony takes place around a fire ring and allows us to release anything in our lives that we feel may no longer be serving. This can range from feelings of victimization or perpetration to our releasing of old ways of engaging our roles in the world. Under the protection of Sacred Space, this attribute is blown into a stick and placed into the fire. In this context, the stick is called a “death arrow”, representing the death of that which no longer serves.

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   Despacho Ceremony

A despacho is a prayer bundle that is widely used as a method of healing by the Q’ero ; the indigenous people of Peru. How each despacho is created is a unique process steeped in indigenous tradition. As the prayer bundle is created, the prayers are individually placed into the bundle and “supercharged” by the shaman.

There are numerous different types of despachos that can be created for personal healing and balance.  Each despacho is designed for the individual  while honoring the ancient methods for healing.  A despacho is one of the few ceremonies where several people may partake at once; ranging from partners to large groups.  Many times partners enjoy the ceremony as an opportunity to create or deepen their bond especially at turning points such as marriage or anniversaries.

After the ceremony, the despacho is traditionally placed in a fire where the prayers and contents are released directly to Spirit.  While this is the fastest release, the prayer bundle may also be buried or placed in a body of water for a more gradual release.

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   Dying Consciously

Just as we have ceremonies for events throughout our lifetime such as birth and marriage, so too we have one for our passing from this world. Frequently in modern culture, death is not a process which occurs on our own terms and is a topic which has stigma and fear wrapped around it. 

Indigenous traditions from around the world work with death with reverence and humility; retaining the wisdom on how to prepare oneself properly for a physical passing. Throughout history, a healer was almost always present for a death in the community; guiding another on their journey home. Today, whether in a hospital or at home, through walking with one foot in both worlds, the modern healer continues to assist others in preparation for their final journey. By working with both the individual and their family, this process is transformed back into a sacred ceremony where the final transition is fully prepared for and peaceful.

The process is always tailored to the individual and their family and may span weeks to a day dependent on the scenario. Traditionally, the process contains:

  1. Recapitulation (the re-telling and releasing of our life stories)
  2. Chakra Cleansing (similar to full energy medicine sessions)
  3. Death Rites

To learn more about this beautiful ceremony please visit www.dyingconsciously.org.

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