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Energy Medicine – Balanced Bodies Balanced Minds
Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine

hummingbird4In ancient cultures spanning India to Egypt and the Amazon, healers played a key role in their society; helping to maintain the balance between nature and the community. It is the job of the modern day healer to adapt these indigenous tools into our Western society.  These medicine teachings assist in aligning one with their highest destiny from a place of right relation with themselves, their community, and the Earth.

Healers have long understood that everything which happens in our lifetime is encoded in our luminous energy field which surrounds and ultimately informs our physical bodies via our chakras and meridians.  This energy field mediates between our physical bodies and the healing forces of nature or Spirit. However, as imprints become activated in our luminous energy field, our chakras become filled with heavy energy which manifests in our life as disease, trauma, or karma.

As we clear these imprints, anchoring ourselves with Mother Earth (Gaia), we create healing both physically and emotionally. Through shedding the baggage of our past and releasing our fears of the future, we can come to live fully in the present moment, becoming the author of our destiny.

Energy Medicine Sessions
Joint Energy Medicine Sessions
Home and Land Clearing


Energy Medicine openings vary.  If you wish to have a session, you can submit your name and you will be notified of my earliest opening:

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