Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine


There are and have been for 1000’s of years people working with the Light; from the Masters we have all heard of to the lesser known ones who remained working diligently behind the scenes – all on behalf of and in service to humanity.

While we may talk about Spirituality through our own lens, one common and fundamental theme is the act of aligning Oneself with their Higher Self or Soul.  This is the same thing as aligning with your Pure Heart.  The role of any Healer then is to simply facilitate and deepen this already present connection in the individual requesting assistance.   

When we consciously align ourselves with greater expressions of life and joy as our natural state, we create healing both physically and emotionally.  This process is abundantly simply and yet deeply layered.

Through the transfiguring power of the Light, you can peel back your layers and experience a new way of healing for yourself; at your own pace, in your own time.


Individual Energy Medicine Sessions

By Appointment Only.

$100 / 60 minutes

$150 / 90 minutes

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Frequently Asked Questions
What are your areas of expertise?
  • Formal diagnoses including Lyme Disease,  IBD/IBS, and Neuropsychiatric conditions among others.
  • Mental, emotional, and spiritual stressors.

I am not a medical doctor, psychiatrist, or psychologist.  I am a nutritionist and energy medicine practitioner.  Therefore this treatment is not intended to treat, prevent, cure, or diagnose any disease.  Energy medicine is not intended to substitute a relationship with a medical or mental health professional.  That’s the legal jargon; I let your results and experience speak for itself.

How long does it take to see tangible results?

Within 3 weeks.

On the occasion what was brought into to be shifted in the session anchors in your physical body and conscious life all-at-once anytime from within the session out through the subsequent 3 weeks.

Can you really guarantee results for everyone?

Whatever can be shifted in the session will be.  Sometimes peeling back layers in one session actually does resolve the situation in full.  These are called ‘miracle healings’.  Frequently, it takes some time of peeling back layers to fully resolve an issue.

How many sessions do you recommend?

Your soul has its own schedule.  For some, this is one session.  For others they open the box and keep on going until they feel it’s empty.

After each session see how you feel and determine when you are ready to continue, if needed.  Some people elect to book their next session immediately after their session.  Others come back on their own schedule.

What is the progression of a Healing Session?

1.) Your session starts with an opportunity for you to talk and express what you feel you need to say.  As needed, we will converse to bring forth the roots of that which is asking for resolution.

2.) You lay on the massage table; traditionally on your back in a relaxed position with your eyes closed and arms at your sides.  For all remote healing sessions you are invited to get comfortable; either sitting or lying down. 

3.) Your energetic healing session begins.   Your primary intent is to relax and focus your mind and breath upon releasing what needs to go and bringing in what is needed.  You are welcome to talk during the session and if there is something you need to know or focus on, I will let you know.

I do not touch your physical body at any point during the session.  You may hear me talking softly in English, Sanskrit, or Quecha at points during the session.

Everything which can be shifted in a session will be including the original affinity points which attracted your challenges.

4.) At the conclusion as you come off the table gently and gradually, I will convey any messages that are needed for your spiritual growth and you will have the opportunity to ask questions and share.

What can I expect in a Healing Session?

Some people fall asleep during the session.  Others experience various degrees of sensations, visions, and messages; all depending on the state of your mind and soul and how you tends to receive subtle information. 

What are the Healing Techniques?
Energy/Chakra Balancing

Energy balancing is a gentle way of realigning the chakras and meridians so that your life force, prana, or Qi can flow with greater ease.  This process can be performed on its own and is always performed in your healing session; bringing in pure love and light energy to nourish the soul.

Cord Cutting

Energetic attachments to other people, animals, or places are called cords.  Pure unconditional love has no cords.  While these connections can be of benefit, they can also allow for energy from another person, animal, or location to inform your physical body.  When this energy is not pure or no longer serves, it can cause disturbances in your body and mind.  By cutting an energetic cord, you are given the opportunity to source from your Self to a greater extent and have clearer interactions with those around you.

A common example is a recently born child.  The child needs and benefits from energetic cords to both mom and dad as they grow and learn to navigate through life.  However as the child comes into adulthood, some of those same cords which served when they were younger can start to create challenges in differentiating from their parents and finding out who they are.  By honoring and cutting the cords, we allow our children to develop into their own unique person.  Other examples of cords which no longer serve can be with ex-partners and old places of living.

Contract Removal

During various points in our life we all create structures for how we will live and engage with the world.  Contracts can be positive or negative.  Those which need removal tend to be based around engaging in the world from a wounded place.  Common examples are “I cannot do x until I accomplish y”, “I am not….”, or “I must not…”.   Sometimes all that is needed is a removal and other times a new, more life affirming, contract will be written in its place.  It is further possible to release contracts projected onto us by others, agreed to in past lives, and those made subconsciously.


Extractions take many forms but always involve the removal of an uninvited or unwanted energy from your physical and energy body.   These energies can be an ancestor, other human souls between incarnations, or other beings.  Rarely is a being genuinely intending you harm; more often they are a bit lost and became attracted to your light and latched on to feel safe.

The most common times for uninvited energies to come in are at a funeral, during youth, times of extreme duress, and while taking drugs such as alcohol which creates holes in the energy body.  For those with unclear boundaries, communal living and city life can make it easier for beings to come in.

By honoring the being or energy, we can gently release it back to the Light in such a way that it no longer comes back to you or another.

Extractions can also include ‘solid’ objects which tend to take the form of knives, spears, or other clear forms lodged in the energy field and/or physical body.  Through a particular breathing pattern which you are guided through, these energies can be gently removed and dissolved safely.

Soul Retrieval

During times of perceived stress, fear, injury, or lack of safety, it is possible for an aspect of one’s soul to become unavailable for them to source from.  This particular soul aspect(s) is considered to have retreated to a place where it feels safe; no longer being active in your conscious life.

The soul retrieval process returns the soul aspect to your conscious awareness, bringing back with it a sense of wholeness, Self, and safety.  Oftentimes a power animal and gift are brought back during this process to assist in the integration and instruction for how to work with these are given on a person-by-person basis.

A typical soul aspect needing various degrees of healing or reintegrating in adults is the inner child.

Destiny Retrieval

We all come into this life with a destiny.   Due to past life and current life choices, we oftentimes set ourselves on a trajectory which allows us to survive to various degrees rather than thrive.  By shifting the energy, it is possible to create space to bring in and anchor ourselves to our highest destiny – the maximum degree of soul evolution allowed by Cosmic Law in this lifetime.  Usually a number of sessions and a firm degree of commitment are required in order to perform and anchor a destiny retrieval as the process has the potential to bring about substantial life shifts including job changes, moving, or changes in relationship.

Past Life Healing

When we view ourselves as a soul having a physical experience, it becomes clear that our soul would have had prior physical experiences with their own unique gifts and challenges.   Past life healing is the process of returning your personal light which may have been lost or forgotten in the past lifetime, removing all ways your soul was sourcing in this lifetime from the old lifetime, and sealing off the old lifetime.

In past life healing we do not change the past life or regress into it.  By performing past life healing, we seal off the past lifetime, leaving the experiences as they were and move forward in a new, healed state.  

As time is non-linear outside of our 3D physical in-body experience it is possible but less common to heal future lifetimes.

Lineage Healing

Just as our parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins can have an impact on our lives to various degrees, so too can the choices of your lineage going back many generations.  Most traditions recognize that the actions going back 7 generations before us can have an impact on the trajectory of our lives.  Lineage healing is the process of bringing healing to your ancestors, both living and deceased, as well as shifting into balance or removing family and ancestral patterns active within your own life.  Common examples of lineage patterns include disease which run in the family, locations of living, and timing of significant life events.

Angel/Archangel Therapy

When any Healer rests even partially in the Oneness of Light, it becomes a certainty that Divine assistance will be offered to assist in your personal transformation process.  As such, during most healing sessions (always within your free-will choice) certain Angels, Archangels, your Master Guides, as well as other Light Beings will be stepping into assist.  These beings help to facilitate and increase the degree of healing work completed in a session.  It is very common that particular guides will continue to work with you once the formal session is complete and you will be informed of who they are and how long they will be working with you at the end of your session. 


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