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Physics and Shamanism: Part III

Physics and Shamanism: Part III

Physics and Shamanism: Part III

            In the prior two videos I have made the case that aspects of energetic healing and physics are complimentary to one another; each describing the same reality from a different vocabulary.  However to attempt to utilize current knowledge on the brain to describe how we form the interactions between the world around us, our energetic bodies, and ultimately our physical bodies is one which, in my opinion, would not serve either field in this moment.

The brain acts as the primary user interface between the software of the energy field and the hardware of our bodies.  Yet our skin can directly respond to the environment as well.  And it is more than just the skin; we know that our gut responds to our environment and has its own nervous system that can function independently from our brain!  To say that our entire physical structure is in some way constantly interacting with the outside world is a small stretch if a stretch at all.  It is from the synthesis of these interactions that one starts to scratch the surface of how our physical bodies interact with our own energy field and the surrounding world.

To the best of my knowledge, there is no research as of yet fully integrating all of these aspects.  While it is possible to carry the topics of Physics and Shamanism: Part II further, much of this will be considered in my forthcoming book, Happy, Healthy, Healed: Journeys From Disease to Wellness and will most likely contain wild new updates based off of potential new discoveries in the field of physics.

For now I think what serves the highest good is to hold off on further intellectual discussions.  If you have not had a shamanic healing experience and are finding yourself working to create shifts in your life, perhaps now is the time to try one!  For that matter, enjoy any type of energetic healing or experience as it calls to you J  Experiences are ultimately what helps us to build and rebuild our reality. Enjoy them, learn from them, and release them.

Urpichay Sonqoy (Thank you / A dove from my heart),

Joshua Ishere Nachman


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