I’ll be giving a talk, Nutrition is Key to Fitness, at the Roger Carter Community Center in Columbia, MD on Wednesday, January 17 from 6:30 – 8:00 pm.  Come drop by, but get your tickets first!

In 2009 I was in the midst of my Applied Physics program when I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease: an autoimmune condition.  By October, 2011 I had cured myself.  Along the way I had changed my life.  By 2014 I had completed my Master’s in Nutrition, was a Licensed Dietitian-Nutritionist, completed The Four Winds Lightbody Healing Program, and had begun studying with indigenous healers.  You can read more about my journey if you’d like to know more about the path I took to healing.

To me, being a guide means accepting the responsibility of taking you as far along your healing path as I can.  My goal is to get you well quickly and efficiently.  Insofar I have guided 100’s of people to health and wellness.

Being a guide to me means I merge established science with cutting edge science while sourcing from the ancient traditions.  It means accepting what is and ensuring that we craft an explanatory model large enough to encompass your present state while providing a clear, grounded path towards healing.

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